Product Marketing Wizard

Product Marketing Wizard

We exist to create a new feedback experience that is more open, transparent and personal.

Blindfeed is a new feedback experience that is backed by the people who built Wunderlist, N26 and Google Maps. Founded in 2018 by Björn Bakker & Abdelilah Hicham, Blindfeed is at its humble beginnings. It might not work, it might be huge, or it might actually change the way we understand each other. We’re persistent to achieve the latter.

About the people at Blindfeed
We are curious human beings in search of meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Our default is to leap into the unknown. Our daily obsession is to invent, design and engineer our way to help people understand more about themselves, and each other, so the best ideas win.

Want to know more? 
Read 'Day One of Blindfeed' here.


Why is this role important for Blindfeed’s mission?

The Product Marketing Wizard at Blindfeed is an obsessed and curious storyteller taking responsibility for the entire communication strategy of Blindfeed. This role is fundamental for our entire business because you’ll be working hand-in-hand with the founders to find and implement creative and daring ways to communicate our vision and ambitions to the public.


Once here you will...

  • Lead the communication strategy (from product to market) that connect with the innovators and early adopters

  • Be autonomous. You will take full ownership of your work, and take responsibility for every last detail, every step of the way

  • Develop value propositions, user insights, and market insights

  • Develop and execute creative ideas that will help our big bold ideas spread

  • Produce remarkable marketing content (via video, podcast and blog posts)

  • Experiment with social to ensure we amplify our stories

  • Work from our office in Berlin, Germany


What you’ll bring to Blindfeed

  • Mastery of the written and spoken word (English, German is a huge plus)

  • Remarkable storytelling and presentation skills (verbally or via the written word)

  • Excitement and positive energy that sparks readers, viewers, and listeners to come back

  • Your own ideas and dreams of the feedback experience that helps people understand more about themselves, and each other

  • Obsession to improve your craft. You always look for ways to improve reach, engagement, and conversion.

  • Experience in CRM, Performance Marketing and Social (your personal blog, newsletter, podcast, video or social experiments also count) is a big plus

  • Your attention to detail doesn’t prevent you from shipping great work


Is this for you?

We’re not interested in product marketing wizards looking to raise their salary with a new job or position. We’re looking for product marketing wizards to join our mission, share our vision and build something groundbreaking that will last way beyond our lifetime. If you believe this work matters, apply. If you want to look back at your life with no regrets, that you can tell your loved ones you actually tried to create something meaningful, if you want your name to be remembered, then definitely apply.


Our approach to diversity

We are proud to foster a workplace of cognitive diversity. We strongly believe that diversity of experience, perspectives, and background will lead to a better experience for the people using Blindfeed. We will hire you because you are the best fit with our values, our mission and because you bring skills that we are currently missing (both the hard and the real skills), not because of your gender, religion or ethnicity. That way you know, that if you get to create meaningful work with us, it is because you are remarkable, not because we try to achieve a quota.


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